If you or anyone in your household requires food assistance, the team at Georgian Bay Food Network is ready to help. To get the conversation started, please fill in and send the simple form below. With the information you provide, we can confirm that we’re able to provide support. Then on your first visit to the food shop, we’ll ask for a few more details to make future visits easier for you — and for our volunteer staff.

Or if you’re not comfortable filling in this online form, come see us in person. As long as you have ID, we should be able to get you signed up quickly.

If you don’t have your own phone or an email address, just leave those boxes empty and we’ll work out another way of connecting.

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We take the utmost care with your personal information and do not store it on our web server nor sell or otherwise pass it to any third parties. Click to read our privacy policy.

We welcome walk-ins, too!

If you’re not into online forms, just drop in (with ID) and we’ll get you signed up.